The Burning in Effigy of King George III

18th century and modern onlookers sing "We never will knock under" while an effigy of King George III burns brightly.Join us at Hickory Ridge Living History Museum as we celebrate our nation’s independence in the style typical of the 1780’s and ’90’s in North Carolina. Since the 4th of July falls on our day off this year, we will be holding this event on Saturday, July 4, 2018, beginning at 5:30. The Declaration of Independence will be read aloud and members of the audience will have an opportunity to participate in the reading. The audience will also hear a eulogy for King George III while his dummy is burned in effigy. Those in attendance will toast with apple cider, reminiscent of the Toasts of Halifax in 1789.

There will also be a military salute to the new nation by firing 13 volleys from the black powder rifles, one shot for each of the original colonies.