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HICKORY RIDGE, Living History Museum

Hickory Ridge Living History Museum

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Live your history at the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum!  Find out what life was like during the Revolutionary War as our educators and tour guides lead you through an immersive experience. Guests learn about the daily lives of their colonial ancestors. 

Created in 1980, the museum strives to recreate the atmosphere of a small mountain community when furnishings were sparse but the community was diverse with its religion, humor, and self-sufficiency.  Learn about Hickory Ridge by going to Visit the Museum, the Museum Cabins, and Educational Programs.

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Staffed with interpreters in period clothing, Hickory Ridge Living History Museum's series of authentic, historical cabins give visitors a glimpse into the past and a feeling for the daily lives of early mountain settlers.  The museum provides insight into the self sufficiency of our forefathers by showing the skills they possessed such as hearth side cooking, spinning, candle making, and blacksmithing.  Learn about our Educational Programs that focus on the settlement period of (1785 - 1805) when folks who settled into this region had to grow, create, and trade for the necessities of life.  Hickory Ridge's educational programs allow participants to sample a taste of pioneer life as well as learn a variety of skills.