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The Long-Hunter Experience

Join Mike Campbell and Max Stone on July 18th from 5:00 to 8:00pm at Hickory Ridge for demonstrations and talks on tactics and weapons used by long-hunters, such as Daniel Boone.  Mike is a long time museum volunteer whose specialty is back-country woodsmen skills.  Max is a museum intern from Flagler College who has been under the guidance of Mike this summer.  The two will show examples of long-hunter equipment and provide black powder firing demonstrations.  Max says, "The resourcefulness of long-hunters  cannot be overstated enough."

Long-hunters traversed the frontier and beyond with nothing more than minimal provisions for journeys that lasted in upwards of a year.  Aside from the real possibility of running out of supplies long-hunters were subjected to other dangers, such as Native-American attacks, injury, and attacks by others whose intent was to steal their furs.