Museum Cabins

The Cabins of Hickory Ridge

tatum cabin with glow, text.jpg

The TATUM CABIN is estimated to date back as early as 1785 and was located near Elk Crossroads in what is now Todd, NC.  The cabin was donated to the Southern Appalachian Historical Association by the Tatum Family in the 1950s.  It is typical of the times and represents a home Daniel Boone would have lived in.

Coffey Cabin with glow, text.jpg

The COFFEY CABIN was built in 1875 near Blowing Rock, NC in anticipation of the wedding of Thomas Coffey and Martha Cook.  They raised thirteen children in the 1 1/2 story home.  The cabin was reassembled by using Roman numerals cut in a side of each log.  It was donated to S.A.H.A. in the 1950s.

frazier cabin with glow, text.jpg

The museum Gift Shop is housed in the FRAZIER CABIN.  This cabin is an original mid-nineteenth century log cabin which had been erected in Watauga County and later moved to Caldwell County.  The Frazier Family, long-time friends of the SAHA, donated it.

autumn tavern with glow, text.jpg

The TAVERN was originally an outbuilding and was moved to the Hickory Ridge Museum grounds in 1969.  While the oak logs are not typical of such buildings the rough hewing and v-notching are.  The building is a representation of an 18th century tavern and trading post.

wpa cabin with glow, text.jpg

The Work Project Administration workers built this small cabin in 1939 to use as a bunkhouse while constructing many building in Watauga County.  Today the cabin simulates a Longhunter's cabin on the North Carolina Frontier. 


The logs for the cabin that houses the BLACKSMITH were originally an outbuilding on Ivy Moore's farm on Dewitt Barnett Road in Valle Crucis.  It has been reassembled as an historically accurate and functional blacksmith workshop.