In the Evening West, 60 Years of Horn in the West

In the Evening West, 60 Years of Horn in the West


Show Alumnus, Board Member, and lifelong friend to Horn in the West, Steve Canipe, records the rich 60 year (now 68) history of the nation’s oldest Revolutionary War outdoor drama. This is far more than your average history book, it not only catalogs the creation and production of Horn, but also delves into rich personal stories from those you know and love, including memories of Charles Elledge and Glenn Causey. This book has a trove of awesome historical photographs, and loads of information about the changes to the show and property from season to season. This is an excellent gift for an Alumni of the show or anyone interested in Outdoor Theatre.

Executive Directors Note:

Last summer a large storm knocked out our power while my family was up to visit. We spent all night reading this book out loud. In addition to the awesome info about the show, I cant remember the last time we laughed that hard! -Carson 

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